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This is the official website of the PaSaRyu Martial Artist Association. Pasaryu was created and owned by Grandmaster Kang H. Rhee as he started the Martial Arts system and association in the United States in 1964. He maintained a headquarter school until 2013 and then closed the doors at that location in order to retire. Before he retired, he handpicked a team of trusted Masters along with his son Master Yong Rhee to become the PaSaRyu Advisory Council (PAC). This council was directly charged by Grandmaster Rhee to become the governing body to take over the day-to-day operations of the PaSaRyu system and the organization that represents it. His council i is still in place today and still leading PaSaRyu strongly into the future as we recently laid to rest our beloved Grandmaster. Grandmaster Rhee touched many lives over the years since 1964. Since his passing this year (2019) many have come out claiming relationships and even offering membership into organizations that represent PaSaRyu. These offerings are complete falsehoods and should be avoided. This is the official website and you will find the only accredited PaSaRyu schools listed in our Branch Schools section. If you have been contacted or have stumbled upon another website or other detail from another organization claiming to be related to PaSaRyu then please contact us with questions and concerns. Our organization is strong and still growing as it is made up some of the finest martial artist in the world with the highest integrity maintained. Please feel free to contact us.



PaSaRyu Headquarters & WBBB
3217 Lucibill Road • Memphis, TN 38116 • USA

‪(470) 485-3521‬ • kangrhee@worldBBB.com