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  • Instructor of Elvis Presley & Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
  • Frontier of American karate with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris
  • BA in Business Administration from Yon Sae University, Seoul, Korea 1960
  • Established and served as captain of Yon Sae University Martial Arts Team
  • Head instructor for the Korean military intelligence (special forces) group officers 1958 to 60
  • Fifth Dan, Korean TaeKwonDo Assn., Seoul, Korea 1962
  • Trained in Kong Soo Do, Chang Mu Kwan, Kwon Bup, Kang Duk Won and Han Kuk Hap Ki Do 1953 to 1965
    Established PaSaRyu Mu Do Assn. in Memphis, TN 1966
  • Seventh Dan Kuk Ki Won (World TKD Headquarters) 1975
  • Producer of Annual Charity fund raiser for St. Jude Children's Hospital, Memphis, TN 1970 to present
  • City of Memphis Mayor - Certificates of Appreciation for various community services 1982 and 1989
  • Member of President's Advisory Council on Democratic and Peaceful Unification of Republic of Korea since 1991

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